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We provide complete set of legal services

Our law firm has a variety of talented professionals who can provide complete set of legal services to help you run a successful business in the US. We will provide professional legal services to help you at the beginning when you enter into the US, including but not limited to company setup, working visa application, contracts formation, land purchase and sale, land lease, mergers and acquisitions, employment, debt collection, green card application etc. We can provide professional legal services to help you successfully start your business in the US.

Investment Immigration/Employment Immigration

A foreigner can obtain a green card by being hired as the president or manager of a cross-border enterprises. In addition, outstanding professionals, professors or researchers can obtain a green card by applying for a NIW or a labor certificate.

Family Based Immigration/Non-Immigrant Visas/Citizen

A US citizen or green card holder can apply for a green card for his/her spouse, children, parents, brothers or sisters. In addition, non-immigrant visas as multinational executive or manager visas (L), tourist visas (B), student visas (F1), exchange visitor visas (J1), and specialty working visas (H1B) etc. can be applied for by a variety of different people.


We assist our clients on selecting good investment projects, conducting credit investigations, and providing ideal merger and acquisition strategies.  We also assist our clients on business negotiations, contract formation, as well as building long term and successful relationships with other corporations.

Franchising Business

Our law firm has an accumulation of experience in franchising businesses and helping investors. We aid in the process of rapidly and stably building our clients’ pioneer businesses in a new investment environment by providing a mature structure and professional training for the franchising business.

Employment Hiring/Confidential Agreement/ Fair Competition Agreement

We are seasoned professionals in the formation of lawful employment rules and regulations. We have successfully assisted our clients and cooperated with enterprises to sign confidential and fair competition agreements, thus providing a secure and safe development for enterprises in the US.

Will /Trust/ Property Planning

We assist in the process of drafting wills and setting up trust accounts for our clients, as well as the execution of the will after the fact. In the situation where a loved one passes without leaving his or her will,we will assist the spouse or children to handle the execution of the legacies.

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